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Volvo Trucks deploys FH LNG trucks in exclusive, one-time pilot with Linde Canada

Volvo Trucks North America is working with Linde Canada Inc., a leading industrial gas and engineering company, in an exclusive, one-time pilot, importing five Volvo FH LNG (liquified natural gas) powered trucks to Canada.

The Volvo FH gas-powered trucks, known for high reliability and customer approval, are designed for long haul transport with up to 60 tonnes GCW (132,277 lbs.) and up to 500 hp with up to 1,000 km range (621 miles). Combined with Westport’s high-pressure direct gas-injection system, these vehicles offer the same drivability, performance, and torque levels as diesel engines, but with drastically lower CO2 emissions.

“By embracing innovative technologies, Volvo Trucks continues to lead the shift in reducing CO2 emissions and bolstering environmental benefits through sustainable fuel options, including battery-electric, and fuel cell hydrogen,” said Paul Kudla, Managing Director for Canada, Volvo Trucks North America. “Volvo’s LNG fueling approach – widely adopted in Europe – has proven its effectiveness in reducing CO2 emissions, offering fleets both a sustainable and efficient solution. We are excited to enable Linde Canada to move forward with this one-time pilot project utilizing their extensive experience with LNG vehicles and existing fueling infrastructure.”

Linde Canada is dedicated to managing its carbon footprint and has set ambitious energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction targets. By integrating the Volvo FH LNG-powered trucks into its operations, Linde Canada aims to capture the performance, CO2 emission reductions, and other operational benefits of LNG-powered tractors in its long-haul operations.