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German EDEKA purchasing 700 IVECO bio-LNG trucks

German supermarket chain EDEKA has committed to purchasing 700 IVECO S-Way bio-LNG trucks by 2025 as part of its efforts to transition to more sustainable freight transport. The IVECO S-Way LNG trucks are equipped with the Cursor 13 NG engine developed by FPT Industrial, a powertrain brand of the Iveco Group. By converting its fleet to these vehicles, EDEKA expects to reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 95% compared to the diesel trucks being replaced.

IVECO will provide substantial support to EDEKA in this fleet conversion by delivering a significant number of IVECO S-Way bio-LNG trucks. These trucks offer a viable and environmentally friendly alternative for sustainable freight transportation. In addition to their significant emission reductions, the natural gas engine of these vehicles provides the added advantage of low noise levels, making them well-suited for environmentally regulated zones and nighttime deliveries to stores.

Luca Sra, President of the Truck Business Unit at Iveco Group, expressed confidence in natural gas as a mature solution for significantly reducing CO2 emissions. He highlighted that bio-LNG is the only currently scalable renewable fuel, emphasizing that the adoption of IVECO S-Way LNG trucks by EDEKA demonstrates trust in the natural gas expertise of Iveco Group and further reinforces the viability of this propulsion technology.

Mark Rosenkranz, spokesperson for the EDEKA board, stated that their goal is to convert the entire truck fleet to IVECO LNG trucks by 2025 and operate exclusively on Bio-LNG. By making this switch, EDEKA aims to make a substantial impact in reducing its CO2 footprint and fulfill its social responsibility to protect the climate.