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100% Belgian SME

LNG DRIVE is a Drive Systems N.V. project, a fully independent and 100% Belgian organisation. It’s our healthy ambition to continue growing and greening.

With the support of the Connecting Europe Facility program we opened extra stations in 2019 and 2020. Extra efforts were made to innovate by taking advantage of the synergy between CNG and LNG. Our enthusiastic team is ready to help you in word and deed.


LNG Stations since 2014

The first LNG DRIVE station in Belgium opened in 2014 in the Port of Antwerp (Kallo), as part of the LNG Blue Corridors project.

Since then we provide LNG & CNG to European transport companies, helping the realisation of ‘blue corridors’ across Europe, so heavy trucks can be supplied with environmental- and climate friendly fuel.

Low Carbon Emissions

LNG produces fewer emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases than gasoline or diesel, resulting in better air quality and reduced environmental impact.

High energy density

LNG has a high energy density, meaning it provides a high amount of energy per unit of volume, making it an efficient fuel source.

Competitive Pricing

LNG is generally less expensive than gasoline or diesel, which can result in significant cost savings for vehicle owners and operators.


One monthly invoice overviewing all your refuels. Extensive network at home and abroad. Competitive prices.

Apply for your free Fuel Card for fueling LNG & CNG in our network!