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Scania is going to enhance their biogas truck offerings

Scania is set to enhance its biogas offerings by introducing new solutions aimed at meeting customer demands for gas-powered trucks. During the recent Transpotec exhibition in Milan, the Swedish manufacturer showcased its expanded assortment of tanks and specifications. The additions include LBG (liquefied biomethane) tanks capable of achieving ranges of up to 1,400 km, as well as CBG (compressed biomethane) tanks with ranges of up to 750 km. Additionally, Cania introduced 80-litre CBG tanks that can be combined, freeing up space on one side of the truck’s frame, and CBG tanks positioned in a rack behind the cab.

The popularity of gas vehicles is on the rise throughout Europe, particularly in countries like Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and Eastern and Central Europe. The availability of filling stations for liquefied biomethane and other gas fuels has reached a critical mass, both within Europe and beyond. Cania’s expansion of its tank offerings aims to demonstrate the company’s strong commitment to renewable fuels as a vital component of a sustainable transportation system.

Stefan Dorski, Senior Vice President and Head of Scania Trucks, emphasized that increasing the potential tank capacity for different applications addresses a previous concern for prospective customers. The expanded range of offerings, combined with the flexibility of chassis layout and the growing number of gas filling stations, paints a promising future for customers interested in gas-powered trucks. Cania’s new tank solutions aim to alleviate any range anxieties customers may have had. The latest additions to Cania’s gas solutions portfolio include LBG tanks with ranges of up to 1,400 km, CBG tanks with ranges of up to 750 km, 80-litre CBG tanks that can be combined to save space, and CBG tanks positioned behind the cab.

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