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Volvo Trucks introduces new truck running on biogas

Volvo Trucks has unveiled their latest models, the FH and FM trucks, which are powered by gas and designed to run on renewable fuel known as liquified biogas, or bio-LNG. Bio-LNG is derived from various organic waste sources, including food scraps, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. The new trucks come with an upgraded 500 hp engine, in addition to the existing 420 and 460 hp options. These gas engines have undergone significant technical enhancements, resulting in up to 4% improved fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the trucks now feature a 10% larger gas tank, contributing to an extended range.

In terms of performance, the gas and biogas-powered trucks are comparable to their diesel counterparts. Refueling time is almost as quick as with diesel trucks, and the availability of over 600 fuel stations in Europe for both bio-LNG and LNG supports their suitability for long-haul transportation. Daniel Bergstrand, Volvo Trucks’ product manager for gas-powered trucks, highlights the performance equivalence between the gas-powered and diesel trucks, emphasizing the growing network of fuel stations across Europe catering to bio-LNG and LNG fuels.

There is a strong push towards the development of bio-LNG, with significant investments being made in Europe. This shift is aimed at reducing reliance on fossil LNG. The EU Commission has introduced a plan called REPower EU, which focuses on significantly increasing domestic energy production capacity across various sectors. The goal is to increase biogas production by tenfold by 2030, and the industry is already experiencing rapid growth. Moreover, the potential for biogas is gaining interest beyond Europe as well.


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